Our Culture
Putting People First Since 1969

NORDAM was founded upon a dynamic vision and passion for treating people well.  The company's unique culture was established by Ray and Milann Siegfried, and is based on respect for all individuals, caring for each other, and a healthy dose of fun in the workplace.

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In honor of our late founder, NORDAM established the Ray Siegfried Leadership Academy (RSLA), a training ground for stakeholder leaders. These leadership development sessions are fun and fast-paced. They feature a multitude of educational topics to immerse attendees in the servant leadership model NORDAM embraces, emphasizing these principles: building on strength, blazing the trail, raising the bar, upending the pyramid, and running to great purpose.

According to CEO Meredith Siegfried Madden, “Servant leadership, that’s what leadership is. It’s making sure that you serve your team. It’s ensuring that you create the optimal environment that allows the team to execute—better and better every day. Ultimately, I believe that a positive environment, where people are valued and treated well, is vital for achieving and sustaining success. Putting our stakeholders first yields the results we want: loyalty and respect, going both ways and all the way around, makes for the strongest team.”

Together, the Siegfried family and NORDAM stakeholders deliver generous, focused leadership and frontline accountability, a dynamic interplay that has enabled NORDAM to flourish for decades. The company’s worldwide reach and its strong standard for leadership remain vibrant as it places a great priority upon community service, stakeholders and environmental sustainability as overseen by the NORDAM Office of Corporate Responsibility.

Through this team, the company supports the communities where it operates by coordinating involvement in multiple charity organizations, encouraging stakeholder philanthropy and volunteerism. As part of this commitment, NORDAM has long been the presenting sponsor of Tulsa Charity Fight Night—created by Ray and continued by his children—providing financial support for Tulsa charities since 1993.

In 2014 the illustrious black-tie event was reconceived with a new name—Flight Night—a new format with appeal to a wider audience, and a new cause campaign: bolstering the advancement of Tulsa area business, education and community interests related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

NORDAM’s continued success and growth has advanced the Tulsa area through provision of career positions since 1969. With a commitment to develop and implement green and sustainability initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint for future generations, NORDAM supports environmental sustainability projects, processes and measures that will benefit our community, customers and business.

Each Halloween, the family devises a group costume and embarks upon a day-long tour of our Tulsa area NORDAM facilities, distributing candy, admiring spookily decorated workspaces and stakeholder costumes, and posing for photos.

At Christmastime, this fun-loving leadership team again visits all Tulsa locations in a single day, complete with a Santa CEO and jolly contingent of Siegfried elves. Also, each year when the weather turns warm, NORDAM stakeholders and their families can count on a day of NORDAM-sponsored food, family and fun. NORDAM: Striving to be the premier family-owned aerospace business in the industry.