Aerospace component repair work to commence in 2019 at NORDAM Asia Limited

TULSA, Okla. (Mon., Nov. 13, 2017) – NORDAM CEO Meredith Siegfried Madden today announced that NORDAM and China Airlines have signed a joint venture agreement to establish NORDAM Asia Limited, a company to repair and overhaul structural aircraft components for the China Airlines fleet and for other airlines in the Asia-Pacific region.  

T. Hastings Siegfried, NORDAM’s vice chairman and chief operating officer of its international joint ventures and for the Asia-Pacific region, and other executives welcomed visiting dignitaries, including government officials from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, to the NORDAM Repair Division, 11200 E. Pine St., for today’s signing.

“NORDAM specializes in providing ‘in-manual’ component repairs as well as innovative ‘out-of-manual’ repairs for customers around the globe,” Siegfried said. “Working together with China Airlines, we are improving access for all airlines in the Asia-Pacific region to choose our unparalleled expertise as a more cost-effective option.”

For NORDAM, the partnership brings a consistent baseload of work from China Airlines and its affiliates which include Tigerair Taiwan and Mandarin Airlines, while affording proximity to regional customers as a strategic objective of the company’s maintenance, repair and overhaul business in the Asia-Pacific region.

For China Airlines, the flag carrier and largest airline of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the agreement insources control of critical competencies while upgrading proficiencies; reduces labor and transportation costs; expands its share of the third-party maintenance, repair and overhaul market; and promotes development of the aviation and aerospace sector in Taiwan.

NORDAM Asia Limited also will leverage the China Airlines Cargo freighter network for freight-cost advantages and China Airlines status to pursue more economical raw-material purchases and spare-parts pricing, and will benefit from NORDAM’s industry alliances and existing network of sales representatives in Asia Pacific.

"We share common objectives to develop, build and operate a cost-effective repair hub, capitalizing on affordable Taiwanese costs and impressive infrastructure,” China Airlines’ Chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho said.

Siegfried noted that working on the newer aircraft types flown by its new partner, such as the Airbus A350 WXB and Boeing 777-300ER, will expand NORDAM’s engine-type maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities, and that the venture itself opens new opportunities to sell NORDAM-manufactured products, such as transparencies and interior panels, to the Asia-Pacific operators.

China Airlines’ Nuan-Hsuan Ho and NORDAM’s T. Hastings Siegfried will serve as the new company’s chairman and vice chairman, respectively. A general manager for NORDAM Asia Limited has not yet been named.


  • A joint venture between NORDAM and China Airlines will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services to China Airlines and other airline companies in the Asia-Pacific region

  • The joint-venture agreement was signed at the NORDAM Repair Division facility, 11200 E. Pine St. in Tulsa, Okla. on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017 and will continue indefinitely

  • Government officials from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs were present for the signing in Tulsa

  • The resulting company is called NORDAM Asia Limited, and will be incorporated in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • NORDAM Asia Limited will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul of thrust reversers, fan cowls, inlet cowls, flight controls, radomes and other composite or metal-bonded structures

  • China Airlines’ Nuan-Hsuan Ho is the new company’s chairman

  • NORDAM’s T. Hastings Siegfried is the new company’s vice chairman

  • To preserve competitive strategy, revenue forecasts and details of the new facility, including physical size, equipment types and number of employees, were not disclosed.



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