Life at NORDAM

“We are an organization in which all Stakeholders do what is right and do their best, with respect and care for each other.”
    — Ken Lackey, Chairman of the Board, NORDAM

NORDAM is a dynamic, diverse world leader in aerospace repair and manufacturing. And we're seeking top-notch candidates to help take our company to even higher levels of success.

Family-owned and operated, we rely on the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, referred to internally as “Stakeholders,” to remain at the forefront of the aerospace industry. Our people come first, always.

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At NORDAM, being a responsible corporate citizen is part of our culture, history and value system.  

NORDAM’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility is based on three pillars—Community, Stakeholders and Environment.

Our Corporate Responsibility team is focused on increasing community partnerships and positively impacting the communities where we live and operate. We are committed to supporting our Stakeholders by fostering a work environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, skill development, leadership, and growth. Finally, we are committed to facilitating environmental sustainability teams, processes and measures that will positively contribute to our community and our business while minimizing the impact our products and processes have on the environment.

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NORDAM University is designed to support the development of our stakeholders. It is your resource for diagnosing the specific skills and learning you need along with the best method of delivery. Whether you want instructor-led learning sessions, online learning and self-study, or classes led by partnerships with external vendors such as universities and tech centers, the options are diverse.

Whether you have 20 years’ experience or are just beginning your career in aerospace, NORDAM provides training and development necessary to do your job. Stakeholders can receive instructor-led, practical hands-on training, and e-learnings relevant to the industry today.

Every stakeholder must interact effectively with other people. NORDAM offers various learning activities for working in and across teams.

NORDAM provides training on using technology to maximize efficiency and productivity and ultimately drive business results.

Whether you are managing people or projects, taking the lead requires a specific skillset. NORDAM offers learning activities, special projects and targeted assignments to build your leadership tool kit. In honor of our founder, NORDAM established the Ray Siegfried Leadership Academy which teaches the principles of Servant Leadership that Ray lived every day. Stakeholders selected for participation in the academy receive continuous opportunities to learn and practice building on strength, blazing the trail, raising the bar, upending the pyramid and running to great purpose.