NORDAM Makes 20,000th Composite Window Frame For Boeing 787

TULSA, Okla. (June 17, 2013) – The NORDAM Interiors and Structures Division has manufactured its 20,000th composite window frame for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This product is the first-ever composite window frame for a commercial airliner application, delivering both superior damage tolerance and an almost 50 percent weight reduction compared with traditional aluminum frames.
Boeing chose NORDAM to manufacture the frames in 2007, following an 18-month development process in which the two companies collaborated to create the solution required, including 17 unique design configurations, qualification and certification testing for the new product.
"We’re proud to be an innovator for the 787 window frames," NORDAM CEO Meredith Siegfried said. "It’s gratifying to help Boeing achieve performance targets for this aircraft, as well as distinguish ourselves as a leader in manufacturing advanced-composite structures."
To meet Boeing technical requirements, NORDAM engineers, working with Hexcel Corporation, developed the design using Hexcel’s HexMC,™ a strong, rigid, low-density composite material derived from high-strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin. The result was a truly advanced product.
Today, as demand for the Dreamliner grows, NORDAM continues to ramp up production rates for the innovative window frames, with ship-sets streaming out to Boeing's Charleston, N.C. assembly facility as well as to Boeing fuselage manufacturing partners Alenia, Kawaski Heavy Industries and Spirit AeroSystems.
And as the 20,000th frame exits production, Siegfried notes that NORDAM remains well-positioned to supply composite structure solutions for original equipment manufacturers in the commercial, military and business aviation aircraft markets.

Headquartered in Tulsa, and employing 2,500 people across nine facilities on three continents, NORDAM is one of the world’s largest independently owned aerospace companies. The firm designs, certifies and manufactures integrated propulsion systems, nacelles and thrust reversers for business jets; builds composite aircraft structures, interior shells, custom cabinetry and radomes; and manufactures aircraft transparencies, such as cabin windows, wing-tip lenses and simulator screens.
NORDAM also is a major third-party provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services to the military, commercial airline and air freight markets.
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See NORDAM make the 20,000th composite window frame. 

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